Ivy Truong (755018)

Host A Party and Earn Product Credit

As a Host earn:

  • $10 in product credit with every new Customer that buys $49.99 or more
  • Additional product credit based on the sales of your party:
    • $250 in sales = $15 in product credit
    • $500 in sales = $30 in product credit
    • $750 in sales = $70 in product credit
    Double your product credit when you are a VIP Customer!

  • Step 1

    Enter your party details on this page

  • Step 2

    Enter your account information or create a new account by selecting a username and password

  • Step 3

    Review the email you receive to learn important details to make your party a success

  • Step 4

    After your party, log in to your Customer Shopping Suite to enroll new customers
    $10 is available the same day
    Product Credit based on sales is available the following Wednesday after your party

  • Step 5


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